12 PM | 18 Dec

(Playlist) 11 Madison Songs We Loved In 2013

As a teaser for our Madison music year-end list (due out Thursday), we present 11 memorable songs Madison artists released in 2013. Enjoy. Also available as Episode 69 of our podcast, for those of you who subscribe!

1. Panther, “Whiskey Mama”

from ‘Speed Bitch Motor Fuck’ EP

2. Aquarelle, “A Flare”

from ‘August Undone’

3. Nick Brown, “Living That Way”

from ‘Slow Boat’

4. Julian Lynch, “Gloves”

from ‘Lines’

5. The Wets, “High Hopes”

from The Wets/A Haircut, Split Cassette

6. DLO,”Soul On Blast”

from ‘The Dusties’

7. Sincere Life, “Three Kings’

from ‘Write Of Passage’ EP

8. Vanishing Kids, “Heathen Heart”

from ‘Spirit Visions’

9. Chants, “Infinite Jets”

from ‘I Feel Like I Feel It’

10. Tar Pet, “Reconcile The Night With The Day”

from ‘Deaf Drawing Blind Listening’

11. Jex Thoth, “The Four Of Us Are Dying”

from ‘Blood Moon Rise’

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