, , 12 AM | 31 Oct

Episode 62: Come Back As Fire


Nirvana’s third and final album, ‘In Utero,’ recently got the deluxe-reissue treatment in honor of its 20th anniversary. This week, we talk about the record with with Bobby Hussy of The Hussy, Fire RetardedKind Turkey Records, and MadCity Music Exchange, who considers ‘In Utero’ his favorite album. Bobby joins Scott Gordon, Joel Shanahan, and Ben Munson to discuss Steve Albini’s enviable knack for recording drums; the enduring heaviness of “Scentless Apprentice”; the good and bad aspects of remixing the album tracks; and how Kurt Cobain’s songwriting compares with that of the recently departed Lou Reed.

(Pictured: Bobby Hussy, being morbid.)

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