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01 PM | 30 Sep

The “Forbidden Art” that survived


‘Forbidden Art,’ on display through October 5 at the Memorial Union’s Porter Butts Gallery, demands something more meditative and long-term than just one casual visit. The exhibition, on tour from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland, showcases art created by victims of the Nazi concentration camps. The reality it presents is stunning: These artists not

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07 AM | 26 Sep

Yep, Yakov Smirnoff still exists


(Photo Credit: ADit Graphics.) It’s debatable as to whether or not we, as a country, ever needed Yakov Smirnoff to provide comic relief for the Cold War, and yet there he was—stuck to our collective shoe like so much toilet paper (“In Russia, toilet paper lines wait in YOU!”) popping up in commercials and a

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, 08 AM | 24 Sep

Madison Calendar, September 25 through October 1


(Pictured: Joey Bada$$, STRAY DOG, Jesse Saunders.) THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 25 Cinematheque: Dead Ringers. Chazen Museum Of Art, 7 p.m. Cinematheque’s brief series of David Cronenberg films begins with one of the Canadian filmmaker’s absolute best works. ‘Dead Ringers’ may not boast the exploding-head madness of ‘Scanners’ or the ferocity of ‘A History Of Violence,’ but

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12 AM | 22 Sep

(Song Debut) Calabash Boom, “Hisarna”


At the end of Calabash Boom‘s “Hisarna,” we hear this exchange between two of the all-drummer dance-music outfit’s three members: “I probably wasn’t on the one.” “It’s fine, it doesn’t matter.” That hints at the mix of drummer-ly craft and electronic displacement that Calabash Boom is working with. Jordan Cohen (Chants, Mama Digdown’s Brass Band), Dan Kuemmel

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11 AM | 19 Sep

(Friday Track) Sweet William, “Believe U”


As Sweet William, Madisonian Willie Thurlow makes electronic music that incorporates both comforting melody and unnerving minimalism. His recently released ‘Teardrop Drip‘ EP always feels unassuming and danceable, but certain elements—especially Thurlow’s unclear vocals—give the whole thing a tinge of foreboding. And on “Believe U,” it’s perhaps a bit more than a tinge, sustained through

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