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12 PM | 12 Sep

(Friday Track) DJ Nature, “Tacky Stuff”


On “Tacky Stuff”—an exquisite, after-hours deep-house cut from 2012’s ‘Return Of The Savage’—NYC-based house lifer DJ Nature stays well below the threshold, but still gives his listeners plenty to grab onto. A gorgeously minimal and delicate Rhodes piano line trembles over a buttery bass guitar line, as swinging hi-hats, wandering bells, and an infectious vocal

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02 PM | 08 Sep

Spotlight Cinema announces fall 2014 schedule


(Pictured: ‘Zero Motivation, screening Nov. 19) The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s Spotlight Cinema series, which focuses on bringing compelling contemporary fiction and documentary films to Madison, will switch to Wednesday nights and expand to eight films this fall. The series begins on Sept. 17 with the Madison premiere of Jim Jarmusch’s 2013 vampire film,

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07 PM | 04 Sep

Jazz, new prints converge at Tandem Press this fall


(Pictured: Detail from “Focus,” by Maser.) Smashing together music and art needs to happen more around Madison, so it’s good that Tandem Press, UW-Madison’s long-running printmaking arm, has announced a fall Friday jazz series featuring UW jazz ensembles and new prints from Tandem’s visiting artists. Each event is free and will take place at Tandem’s recently

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08 AM | 04 Sep

(Album Stream) Bawku West Collective, ‘Upper East Untouched’


‘Upper East Untouched,’ the title of Bawku West Collective’s second compilation, evokes a couple of things. The recordings, of a loose collective of musicians in the northeast corner of Ghana, are untouched in that Luke Bassuener, a Madison resident and musician, presents them here with very little post-production or embellishment. (On ‘Bawku West Collective Vol.

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