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05 AM | 30 Jul

Fusing two approaches: Jeremiah Nelson


When Madison-based space-folkie Jeremiah Nelson released his ‘Whittier‘ EP back in May, a whopping three years had breezed by since the release of his beautifully crafted 2011 album ‘Drugs To Make You Sober.’ ‘Whittier’ was certainly welcome, if a bit uneven and seemingly thrown-together. The mellow, droning washes of “Prolo Loop” and “Interludes” expanded on

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06 AM | 28 Jul

Still life with Yes(head)


(Pictured: The current lineup of Yes.) (Editor’s Note: DB Pedersen is a multi-instrumentalist, throat singer and cosmic mischief-maker here in Madison, and also the biggest Yes nut I know. So I asked him to review the British prog band’s show this past Friday at the Overture Center, during which they performed the 1972 albums ‘Fragile’

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09 AM | 23 Jul

Gallery: Spires That In The Sunset Rise’s ‘Mirror Cave’ art


Madison avant-psych-folk duo Spires That In The Sunset Rise have just released a new cassette album, ‘Mirror Cave,’ not to be confused with another in-the-works full-length that we mentioned earlier this year. Rather, ‘Mirror Cave’ is a bit of a self-contained conceptual piece, with mostly quite sparse instrumentation centered on Taralie Peterson’s cello and Kathleen

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